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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Resrouces for New Research

It has been reported that you will require millions of resources for new Researches. We will get back to you soon with more details about Resource requirement

Read more: RESOURCE Trading Page

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New VIP Level

Two new VIP levels are added

But it looks like you will not be able to use the point, you need to get VIP Prestige and not Points

NEW RESEARCH... Make it even stronger

Can you see Restorative Research ?

 what is there in new research, have a look

Saturday, September 6, 2014

FOOD DRAIN problem temporarily resolved

After innumerous players reported the problem and it was published on our website, the MZ woke up. They made upkeep for all players 0 to save from any legal case or further embarrassment.

But MZ still didn't clarify that how many times other WAR GEARS failed and it impacted players adversely ? We don't have any clue whether all GEARS are working as it is described or one / two aren't working.

READ: Technical problem draining FOOD


Here is perhaps the most abusive mail we have come across so far.

We are against CRIME specially when its against CHILD. All such actions must be investigated and properly punished.

Should this player be kicked out of all Alliances immediately ?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Something new coming soon

We are going to update our website, we like to inquire our readers what do they like to see more ?

  • Technical information
  • HERO GEARS information
  • Kingdom Chit Chat
  • Throne related news
  • KVK news
  • Other ?????

WE ARE INVITING NEWS REPORTER FROM ALL KINGDOMS. Please share your story so all can read and know your kingdom better.

We are approached by many intelligent players who have played this game wisely. They have build several guides and tools. They are willing to offer guidance to other players free / for low fees, we are going to display selective advertisements on our website so all readers can avail the benefit.

We are also coming soon with page of ONE OR TWO TRUSTED RESOURCE SELLER from each kingdom, CONTACT us to get registered. 

Are hackers back ? OR its Technical GLITCH ?

In last couple of weeks we have received few mails and it has made us thinking that are Hackers back targeting GOW Players ? OR there can be some other issues which includes Technical GLITCH / Sharing Log in information with wrong person.

Have a look at some mails

You can decide yourself and BE CAREFUL. Enjoy game and don't ruin it.

We always tried to expose scams and make people aware about possible problems. Check our past posts about Hacking and SCAMS.