Friday, October 31, 2014

New Section: Interesting War Results

We all learn by experience. We are going to put various war results for view and analysis. We know that War results depends on Hero skill / Gears / Gems / Types of Troops hence it is not easy to draw accurate analysis based on war result page but we believe it still helps to go through various reports.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Best configuration for troops training

Most of the players plays with city structure of 4 villa and 4 barracks.

4 barrack allows you to train 24000 troops at a time (assumed that you have completed Restorative – Troop Training Capacity research completed). 4 barrack is ideal number for training purpose because 24000 T3 training time will come around 3 days speed and 24000 T4 training time will come around 7 days)

Alongwith given composition, players often use troop training gears like – Hades’ Helm & Inferno legplates. Hence, players have troop training speed boost between 275-300%.

Training Speed %
24k T3 training time
Time saved
24k T4 Training time
Time saved
104.7 Hr

199.0 hr

102.4 Hr
2.3 Hr
194.0 hr
5 hr
If you add 2 more villa
340 %
  90.5 Hr
14.2 Hr
169.9 Hr
29.1 Hr
If you add 4 more villa
390 %
  78.5 Hr
16.2 Hr
145.6 Hr
53.6 Hr

You can see if you change other builds to level 21 Villa you save a lot.

Based on figures above, if you are intending to train 5m T3, you can save upto 4603 hours (287k gold) OR you can save 6661 Hours (416k gold) while training 5m T4

Last but not the least, don’t forget various Relic gears helping Training speed and 10% Training boost. It helps you to save GOLD.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bad Justice returns

Recently we are informed that the first SUPER PLAYER of the Game BAD JUSTICE returns to the game.....

The new name of the player is DONKEY FARTS.

This will make game more interesting and exciting. If we get the permission of our reporter. We will put up original mail to us for your reference,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Troop Analysis Reports

Do you know which troop you should use in battle ?
Which troops are good in battle ?
How far Strategic Troops are better ?
How Strategic Traps are damaging ?

Our reader has various analysis for you to learn from multiple experiments.

Those experiments are available for nominal value either 2 x 24 hr speed up OR USD 2

Send mail directly to "supergowfa AT gmail DOT com"

Here is sample REPORT:

All send buffer troops (inferior troops) with attacking troops to save superior troops in war. But do you know how much % you should send. We got optimum result where no superior troops was killed only just inferior troops were killed. This can save your T4s. Report costs you just 2 x 24 days speeds

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Appreciation for MZ

Thanks to Saubel ....

Finally MZ has take correct step and started compensating players for losses due to maintenance, we are not sure it's on ground of fair play or possible legal consequences but we appreciate this step.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Game is ON & New Bribe

You can try, you will be able to log in now, 7 days speed up is new athena gift. 

Game is down again.

Weekly problem started again!

Game is down.  Technical isses  ! ! Becareful stay shilded,  anything can happen and we wish all players to remain safe during technical snag.