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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Personal GIFT level IMPACCT

Your personal GIFT level goes up with each Gold pack you buy. We know that some players are higher than 60 or 70 levels. 5 months back we got a mail explaining BAD JUSTICE having personal GIFT level 68. Its awesome.

With each gift level you get SPECIAL GIFT as well as BONUS GIFT.

That's not all. One of our reader has two accounts in a Kingdom (one account over 100M plus and other his ALT acct). In last 2 months he has analysed various gifts / incoming items from MZ for both acconts and shared intersting statiscs with us.

Because we don't have enough information about analysis, we can't give all details but here are important points.

  1. Your personal GIFT level can have its impact on Gold gift, Mystic gift, Hydra Gift, Casino output, Daily Chance, Alliance chance etc
  2. Lower gift level will get lower gold out of gold chests e.g. Gift level 2/3 can get as low as 300 gold from 1000 points worth Gold gift for Gift level 17/18 alliance. JUST 300 GOLD from GOLD GIFT.
  3. Frequency of Gold / Speed ups from Casino is very less for lower gift levels
  4. Frequency of Gold / Speed ups is less for lower gift levels
  5. Difference of Gold received between both accounts was around 60 to 70% (10,000 gold to 3,000 gold)

So, the rule of the game is, YOU MUST SPEND $$$$$$ if you want to grow. Skills  can't overtake $$$$.

This is an analytically work shared by one of our contributor. We thank our readers for such eye opening analysis. Please contact us for more analytically information. We will share with our readers.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Players HELP required

We are collecting certain information for all players, if you can help us providing the data, it would be very useful. Please see table below to help us.

GIFT with GOLD PACK - Personal GIFT level
Gift Level 1 - Enzo's earring
Gift Level 2 - ??
Gift Level 3 - ??
and so ON - you can also add kind of bonus gifts with certain levels.

Shackles, Books, Dagger etc require for each level
Hall of War - 1 War book
and so ON

Timing of Level 9 and 10 research of each category (before any gears / alliance help)
Infantry Attack level 9 - xxx days
Infantry Attack level 10 - xxx days
Archer Attack level 9 - xxx days
Archer Attack level 10 - xxx days
Cavalry Attack level 9 - xxx days
Cavalry Attack level 10 - xxx days
Siege Attack level 9 - xxx days
Siege Attack level 10 - xxx days
Troops Health level 9 - xxx days
Troops Health level 10 - xxx days
Troops Defense level 9 - xxx days
Troops Defense level 10 - xxx days

Strategic Infantry Attack level 9 - xxx days
Strategic Infantry Attack level 10 - xxx days
Strategic Archer Attack level 9 - xxx days
Strategic Archer Attack level 10 - xxx days
Strategic Cavalry Attack level 9 - xxx days
Strategic Cavalry Attack level 10 - xxx days
Strategic Troops Health level 9 - xxx days
Strategic Troops Health level 10 - xxx days
Strategic Troops Defense level 9 - xxx days
Strategic Troops Defense level 10 - xxx days

Other HERO level researches also

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swords are out for next Super Wonder battle

We have received many emails about various alliances planning to dethrone current Emperor. To keep the suspense intact, we will not reveal exact names but we can always built up to the event so all can enjoy the event.

Team 1 consist of alliances from K2, K30, K36, K8, K68, K32 and few others
Team 2 consist of alliances from K1, K2, K20, K6, K8, K16, K58, K18 and few others.
Team 3 consist of alliances from K20, K52, K58 (?), K38, K28, K76 and few others

New kingdoms (above # 100) can also throw some surprises.

Keep playing and you will get some surprises soon.

Have you read about GOLD TILE BLACKMAIL

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Accounts for Sale

Account for sale

To Post your advertisement for free. Just a friendly reminder, these are non-verified accounts & details. Contact Buyer & seller directly. 

Advertisement in comment section will be regularly cleaned to show latest advertisements.

Check this page for Premium advertisement listing details. All the free advertisement can be read at the bottom of the page in comment section.

Brief Detail
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How to buy an account

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


It has been reported that certain ruling alliance don't allow other alliance members to farm GOLD TILES. Right after KVK win, they keep eye on Gold Tile and attach other alliances if they try to occupy GOLD TILES (specially level 4, 5, 6)

We have received screens from 2 kingdoms. We will compile and put all screens next week.

We certainly believe KVK is won or lost because of overall participation, no single alliance can take credit of victory.

Share us screen of attack or Kingdom Chat with us.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

REQUIRE: Marketing person

We are looking for individual contributor in market area for the website. He / She has to be a player in GOW. Please contact us on given email ID.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Do MZ Ban players for claiming Refund from iTunes ?

We have received some complaints email about MZ banning players. There may be some reason but we got few mails where users have suggested that MZ banned player because of some GOLD issue / Refund from iTunes. It was not expected to us that we found players are banned after putting so much of money and hard work in the game.


Among all these complaints, we have also received another user feedback who has issues regarding GOLD (again, its all about GOLD). Player went ahead and complained to CEO of MZ company. The same player also pledged that he will continue fighting against MZ INJUSTICE until the matter is resolved. The same player also clarified some MYTH about rumors.